Are Uniforms Really That Important For Football?

The 2016 season for college football and NFL is about to get underway, and yes I am a football junkie. I love everything about college football the atmosphere, nail biting games, the ridiculous plays, and of course the uniform swag. Some would say that the way you look on the field has nothing to do with your play on the field, or that uniforms plays no factor in the game. I beg to differ not only does the uniform matter, but it’s a way of life to a lot of teams around the nation. It’s their identity, its tradition, it’s what the fans love represent as well look forward to seeing every Saturday afternoon. I am a football player myself, my brother always taught me a motto that I know is true for a lot of football players today. That is “look good play good” it’s simple but it all makes sense. From the way that jersey feels, to the way your cleats are shining to, how tight your gloves are when you’re coming on to that field, makes the game far more much interesting and important. Cause if you ask any young kids why they dress like they do on the field maybe they will tell you their favorite college or NFL player wore his in such a way. So every new year there is something new that stands out, and every year it’s exciting to see what’s new, sort of like that feeling of getting a new puppy or IPhone. Because it’s always about looking good, and if you look good you’ll play good.


The 2016 College Football Uniform preview

NFL 2016 Uniform designs 

pitt new jersyes



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